Passengers in Simferopol soon will be transported by the companies from the country that invaded Crimea – Russia, due to the fact that local carriers could not bring the transport in line with Russian requirements, which makes their chances of winning in the future competition minimal. The so-called Mayor of Simferopol Gennady Bakharev shared the corresponding information with the Crimean press, according to publication "Pod pritselom".

The competition for the transportation of passengers began on April 10. Applications for the competition were submitted by 14 companies.

“April 10 a competition starts on the lots of our routes in Simferopol, we have 15 lots for half of the city's routes. Companies from the mainland [Russia] were announced: "Transbalt", "Moscow roads", a company from Krasnodar - all with a new transport, with fully certified equipment.”

The self-proclaimed official explained that the carriers from the peninsula are not able to invest in the equipment of their vehicles with video cameras, air conditioners and the Russian navigation system GLONASS, due to which they can lose their jobs after the competition.

Earlier, QHA reported that on April 10, the Investigation Committee of Russia initiated proceedings into the negligence of Sevastopol road service Sevavtodor in connection with the repair of the site on the route Sevastopol - Simferopol, where a landslide occurred in the Mekenzievy Mountains.