17:00 - The court hearing into the Ahtem Chiygoz case is completed. The next session will be held on Tuesday, October 11, at 9:30 am.

14:05 - Trial of Ahtem Chiygoz resumed. Victim Kiriyenko Alexander appeared at the court. He has been a member of the Cossacks since 2004, lawyer Nikolai Polozov reports.

10:00 - Due to the absence of victims, the hearing adjourned until 14:00.

9:50 - It turned out that the victim Hudonosov left for the permanent residence in Kyiv. The prosecutor asked to read out his testimony. But the defence asked 2 weeks period to search for him. However, the court rejected the prosecutor’s request to disclose Hudonosov’s evidence, and granted time for the defence (until October 20) to find Hudonosov.

9:30 - The trial of Ahtem Chiygoz resumed, and was followed immediately by a 10-minute break, because the court had no information on bringing victims to the court. Lawyer Nikolai Polozov noted that a significant number of the victims in the case of Chiygoz refuse to go to court, so the decision on their forced conveying was taken.

The 23st hearing into the case of Ahtem Chiygoz, the Mejlis Deputy Chairman, is held today, October 6. The defendant cannot attend it due to discriminatory provisions on the remote participation in the 1st instance process.

September 21, the "Chiygoz case" - a trumped-up trial of the Mejlis Deputy Chairman of Ahtem Chiygoz - took another twist following the evidence given by Vladimir Leontiev, the spouse of V.D. Koreneva, deceased at the rally on February 26, 2014. He said he does not blame Ahtem Chiygoz for the death of his wife, lawyer Nikolai Polozov informed after the court hearing.

The Crimean "authorities" decided to consider the case of the Deputy Chairman of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis Ahtem Chiygoz separate from the so-called "February 26 case."

September 13, the Court of Appeals considered the appeal against the division of the "February 26 case". The Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Ahtem Chiygoz, as well as Mustafa Degermendzhi and Ali Asanov did not attend the hearing personally. The defendants are accused of the riots outside the building of the Supreme Council of Crimea on February 26, 2014. Yet again they give their evidence via video communications. The judges refused to grant the prosecutor's and the lawyers’ appeals. The "February 26 case" will be considered separately onward.

As QHA reported earlier, the Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Ahtem Chiygoz cannot attend the hearings on his case due to the discriminatory rules on the defendant’s remote participation in the first instance trials. This is the first time Russia has applied such judicial practice.

According to the lawyer Nikolai Polozov, the government thereby wants to test the use of new law provisions. For example, the ability to disable the broadcast if the defendant delivers speeches the judges do not like.