Today, June 7, the Kremlin-controlled Simferopol court began the consideration of the case against Ilmi Umerov, one of the leaders of the Crimean Tatar national movement.

Head of the Central Election Commission of the Kurultai of the Crimean Tatar People Zair Smedlyaev reports about developments at the court building on Facebook.

Traditionally, three buses with riot police, police cars, people in civilian clothes. It is not clear, whether they've already combat all the other criminality, that their whole attention is focused on us?!”

Compatriots of Ilmi Umerov came to support him.”

Human rights activist Aleksander Podrabinek came at the trial of Ilmi Umerov.”

Smedlyaev said that a dog handler and a dog were brought to the courthouse, and later evacuators arrived. At 14:30, during the start of the hearing, it became known that only 10 people were allowed.

At 14:40 the evacuators began to clear the space in front of the court.

Daughter of Ilmi Umerov, journalist Ayshe Umerova also commented on today's meeting.

“Among the participants of an open court session: Judge - Andrei Kulishov (according to information posted on the website "Peacemaker", Andrei Kulishov is wanted by law enforcement agencies of Ukraine for violation of the oath of the judge and he is suspected under Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine "high treason" (source: Crimea. Realities), Prosecutor - Oleg Sarginov (worked in the Crimea in the Prosecutor's Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in the period of Ukrainian jurisdiction, in the cities of Saky and Dzhankoy).”

Ayshe said that lawyer Emil Kurbedinov represented the interests of Umerov at today's meeting.

“In addition, pressure was exerted on three of the four lawyers with whom Umerov concluded a contract for his defence: Mark Feigin was almost deprived of his license to practice law, Nikolai Polozov was kidnapped in the center of Simferopol and interrogated, depriving him of a defender status and having transferred to the status of a witness, Emil Kurbedinov was arrested for 10 days for some reposting several years ago.”

Umerov's daughter claims that 15 people were allowed to the meeting, not 10, as was previously reported.

“Family members, close friends and associates came to support father. Only 15 people were allowed into the hall. Almost none of those dozens of people who came, could not enter the courtroom, as there are very few places."

It became known about a number of petitions filed by the defense:

“Defense filed an application for the introduction of a well-known dissident and human rights activist from Moscow, Aleksander Podrabinek into the trial as a public defender. The court, despite the prosecutor's protest, allowed Podrabinek to participate in the trial. Defense of Ilmi Umerov filed an application to include information about his state of health into the case materials. Father has a number of diseases: Parkinson's disease 3rd stages, hypertension II type, type 2 diabetes, heart surgery. And his employment record book as well, where state awards are also indicated: Ilmi Umerov has the first rank of a civil servant of Ukraine (awarded by Presidential decree in 2005 ), The Order of Merit of the 3rd degree and the Honored Worker of the local self-government of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.”

During the trial, the prosecutor read out the charge.

“The indictment includes the TV program of the ATR channel in the Crimean Tatar language of March 19, 2016. The prosecutor cited the phrases from the alleged literal translation of Umerov's speech. Umerov made a comment to the prosecution and said that a gross forgery and a substitution of concepts occured in the investigative actions: The accusations are based on a translation that is the author's text of an interpreter, and not a transcript of Umerov's speech. The literal translation of investigators is called a transcript, which is a gross violation. And the deciphered speech in the Crimean Tatar language is absent in the case materials at all.”

The "court" also questioned the witnesses. The first one was the witness of the prosecution, Julia Bayramova, who in March 2016 acted as a "Public Representative" within the framework of the operational and investigative actions.

“The witness explained that she does not know enough Crimean Tatar language and did not listen attentively to the whole TV program, which was shown by FSB officers. She confirmed only the fact that there is such a program, published on the Internet in unrestricted access."

Then they interviewed the son-in-law of Ilmi Umerov Server Memetov.

“The prosecutor asked the only question: if Umerov had traveled to the territory of the mainland Ukraine in March 2016 which the witness confirmed. He learned the information about the departure of his father-in-law from his wife (the middle daughter of Umerov), as they live separately. There were no more questions.”

The third witness Olga Cherkashina is the friend of the first witness Bayramova. Together they took part in operational investigative measures of the investigation in the FSB building in March 2016.

“The task of these "representatives of the public" was to confirm the fact of conducting investigative measures. She does not speak the Crimean Tatar language at all, the she does not understand and does not know the essence and content of the program. When asked by Umerov if she knew who he was, she answered that she did not know then and does not know now."

At 15.52 the fourth witness Yunusov Lemmar was invited to the courtroom.

“The question was whether he knew that Umerov had traveled to mainland Ukraine in March 2016 and where he learned such information. Yunusov replied that perhaps Umerov himself had told him about it, since they have been friends since his youth.”

Also, the FSB operative officer Vladimir Shevchenko was questioned as a witness.

“When he was introducing his personal information, it turned out that he lives and is registered at Blvd. I.Franko, 13. I note that the Office of the Federal Security Service in the Crimea and Sevastopol is registered at this address.”

At 16.45 Ayshe Umerova said that the session on Ilmi Umerov's case will be held every Wednesday at 2.30 p.m. at Simferopol district court on the street. K. Marx, 17.

“Today’s hearing was over due to the absence of two prosecution witnesses.”

Reference: May 12, 2016, the FSB in the Crimea initiated criminal case against the Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Ilmi Umerov, under art. 280.1 for allegedly calling to actions that threaten the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation on the air of the ATR channel. Umerov stated that his words in the program had been interpreted incorrectly.

Umerov was issued a travel ban. To undergo a psychiatric examination Umerov was forcibly placed in a psychiatric hospital, where he experienced serious health problems. September 7, Russian occupants released Umerov from a psychiatric hospital, but later several times summoned him for questioning.
Earlier, the case against Ilmi Umerov was transferred to Judge Andrei Kulishov, who is wanted by law enforcement agencies of Ukraine on suspicion of high treason.

PHOTO: Facebook Zair Smedlyaev, Avdet