April 16, as of 21:00 local time in the Republic of Turkey, the counting of votes for the introduction of amendments to the constitution, providing for a transition from a parliamentary form of government to a presidential republic, was completed.
The final unofficial results were announced by the Supreme Electoral Council of Turkey (YSK). 51.32% of voters supported constitutional amendments, and 48.68% were against.
April 16, Turkey held the seventh country's referendum in the history of the republic, in which citizens voted for or against the introduction of 18 amendments to the constitution.
Changes proposed to the Constitution:
According to the Law on the Introduction of 18 Amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, transfer to the presidential form of government was proposed. The number of deputies of the parliament will be increased from 550 to 600, the age limit for election to parliament is reduced from 25 to 18 years.
Parliamentary and presidential elections in Turkey will be held once in five years on the same day. The elected President can retain membership in a political party.
Candidates for the presidency can be nominated by factions of political parties who alone or within the coalition have won a five percent electoral barrier at the last parliamentary elections, or persons who will be able to enlist the support of one hundred thousand voters.
Investigation of the President’s activities can be started on condition that such an initiative is supported by an absolute majority of the total number of the Parliament deputies.
Vice-Presidents and ministers will be appointed and removed from office by the President.
Establishment and abolition of ministries, their duties, powers, central and peripheral structures will be coordinated by decisions of the Head of state.
The decision to hold a repeat election is taken by three fifths of the total number of  the parliamentarians’ votes. In this case, extraordinary parliamentary and presidential elections can be held.
In the event that the Head of the state takes a decision to hold early elections, parliamentary and presidential elections are also held on the same day. If the Parliament takes a decision on re-elections during the second presidential term of the Head of state, then the incumbent President has the right to run for this post one more time.

The number of judges of the Constitutional Court will be reduced from 17 to 15.
According to the amendments, the next parliamentary and presidential elections in Turkey will be held simultaneously - on November 3, 2019.
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