Jamaleddin Yavuz, academician of the Faculty of Literature in Trakya University, was detained in Russia. Representatives of Trakya University reported on the illegal detention of Jamaleddin Yavuz who was residing in the Republic of Chuvashia under the Bachelor's Research Participation Program “Yunus Emre”,  according to Anadolu Agency.

- Academician Jamaleddin Yavuz is accused of violating the visa regime and sentenced to a fine of RUB 5 thousand, as well as deportation and a 5-year prohibition on entry into Russia. Following the trial completion, Yavuz is being kept in custody for two weeks. Turkish Consulate in Kazan is dealing with the matter. We condemn the illegal detention of our scientific personnel and carry out works jointly with our state for the speedy release of Jamaladdin Yavuz, according to a statement by Trakya University.

Nafis Kashapov, a twin brother of activist Rafis Kashapova, who was arrested and sentenced to three years in Russian prison for supporting Ukraine and the Crimean Tatars, has posted information about the academician on his Facebook page and called to release Jamaleddin Yavuz.

- Turkish Consulate General in Kazan (Tatarstan, Russia) is currently working on Yavuz’s release. According to the Consulate "VKontakte" page, Jamaleddin Yavuz is the author of "precious scientific papers on the Republic of Tatarstan, the Chuvash Republic and the Republic of Bashkortostan of the Russian Federation", reported Kashapov on the FB page.

It’s worth mentioning, the crisis in Turkey-Russia relations emerged after the Turkish aircraft downed a Russian Su-24 bomber Nov 24 since the latter violated Turkey’s airspace having entered the mountainous area on the Syrian-Turkish border.