(QHA) -

Turkish airline Atlas Jet suspended its work in Crimea.

According to information released on company’s official site on June 11, the flights form Turkey to Crimea would be operated from June 30. However, on June 12, this information was deleted.

Spokesman for the company emphasized, even if that tickets are available, the flights cannot be operated.

“The tickets are being sold, but this fact does not guarantee that the flight will be operated. The flight may be canceled and the tickets could be returned”- the spokesman said.

Customs Relations Manager of Atlas Jet Bushra Guler also commented the issue, saying:

“In connection with the situation in Simferopol, the flights to Crimea were canceled until June 29, 2014. We sell the tickets as we plan to renew the flight, still amid the current situation, we have to say that the flights could be delayed or canceled. However, the passengers would be informed beforehand”- she noted.

It also should be noted, that Europe’s largest air company Turkish Airlines has suspended its work in Crimea.

Meanwhile, Russian Premier Dmitry Medvedev on June 7 ordered to open the Simferopol International Airport for international flights.

Meanwhile, European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation Eurocontrol has banned European air companies flying to Crimea, following the region’s annexation.