The Armed Forces of Ukraine has launched strategic command and staff exercises Rubezh - 2016 on the territory of Ukraine, the website of "Government Portal" reports. 

“The exercises involve bodies of military control of strategic and operational-strategic level, as well as military units (subdivisions) of all components of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The main purpose of the training is to increase the capacity of the military authorities to control troops (forces) in the course of the Armed Forces operations to rebuff an armed aggression, as well as during air defense when planning future actions and using strategic reserves,” reads the statement.

During the strategic command-staff exercises it is also planned to develop practical actions, in particular, carrying out tactical exercises with field firing, moving over long distances in a combined way to overcome water obstacles, performing flight-tactical tasks and repulsing air attacks of the enemy, etc.

According to the Armed Forced of Ukraine, the exercise will last for a week.

Photo: Internet