Employees of the Consulate General of Ukraine in Rostov-on-Don were able to meet a political prisoner Ruslan Zeytullaev in remand centre No. 1 for the first time over a year of his illegal detention.  Zeytullaev has already been on a second hunger strike for the three days, the press service of Consulate General of Ukraine in Rostov-on-Don reported on the official page on Facebook.

The press service notes that after two days of the hunger strike the Crimean Tatar has lost 1.2 kg of weight.

“Now [May 17 - Ed.] is the second day of the Ukrainian’s starvation in protest against the violation of his rights and political repression of the Crimean Tatar people by the Russian Federation in the occupied Crimea. On the second day of hunger strike, which is not the first protest, R. Zeytullaev lost 1.2 kg of weight ... In general, an obvious weakening of the prisoner's body can be observed,” the report says.

The diplomats emphasize that, despite the state of health, Ruslan Zeytullayev retains clarity of mind and is determined to continue fighting against the violation of his rights and the rights of the Crimean Tatar people.

Earlier QHA reported that the Prosecutor's Office of Russia appealed on the decision of the North Caucasus Military District Court regarding the Crimean Tatar Ruslan Zeytullaev accused in the "Hizb ut-Tahrir case", according to journalist Anton Naumlyuk.

The same day, Ruslan Zeytullayev announced a new indefinite hunger strike in protest against the verdict, as well as repression against Crimean Tatars, Muslims and civil activists in the Crimea.

Ruslan Zeytullayev stopped the previous hunger-strike for health reasons and numerous requests of the public on April 26.

Reference: The North Caucasian Military District Court sentenced a figurant of the case "Hizb ut-Tahrir" Ruslan Zeytullayev to 12 years imprisonment.

PHOTO: Internet