The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine demands from the Russian occupation authorities in the Crimea to allow the Deputy Head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Akhtem Chyigoz, who has been kept prisoner by the Crimean invaders for a second year in a pretrial detention center on a fabricated charge, to see his critically ill mother.

The spokesperson of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Mariana Betsa made a corresponding statement on Twitter.

“We demand the authorities of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea to allow political prisoner Akhtem Chiygoz to see his mother, who is close to death.”

Betsa added that Ahtem Chiygoz has been in prison over political reasons for more than two years.

"He has the right to see his ill mother."

According to the Head of the Secretariat of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Commissioner for Human Rights Bogdan Kriklivenko, a letter to the Russian Ombudsman on this issue was sent a week ago:

“On June 9, after the first instance court rejected such a petition, the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Valeria Lutkovska, hoping to reach out to the remnants of humanity of the "Russian Themis", addressed Tatyana Moskalkova, the Human Rights Ombudsman in Russia, with a letter on assisting in the realization of Akhtem Chiygoz's right on a meeting with his mother. As of now, the letter remains without official response.”

Earlier QHA reported that it became known recently about serious illness of Akhtem Chiygoz's mother Alie Abduraimovna Chiygoz. The defense of Chiygoz informed that due to the rapid progression of the disease, time in this situation "counts in days" and applied to the court to allow the political prisoner to say goodbye to his mother. This appeal was rejected.

Lawyer Nikolai Polozov requested to immediately stop the inhuman, degrading treatment of human rights in relation to Akhtem Chiygoz. And seeks to achieve the opportunity for him to say goodbye to the closest person with wide publicity.

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