On Thursday, December 29, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a decree №1012, according to which the Ukrainian military is allowed to attack the intruder after the warning fire.

“The decree clarifies that the forces on duty to use weapons and military equipment from the interceptor airplane after the warning fire with cannon armament to stop the illegal actions of the aircrafts, if they intend to carry out a terrorist act in the airspace of Ukraine, including in the area of the ATO,” the decision says.

The document also regulates that the right to decide on the opening of warning fire or target fire is provided to the Minister of Defence, Chief of General Staff - Commander of the Armed Forces, the Commander of the Air Force, or persons performing their duties.

“Crew Commander of interceptor aircrafts on duty, as well as ships and ground-based air defense systems have the right to open fire against the aircraft of the other countries armed forces who have violated the state border of Ukraine and use weapons,” the document states.

In this connection, it is worth reminding about the activation of Russian helicopters at the administrative border with Crimea.

Earlier QHA reported that in July 2016 reconnaissance flights of six Russian helicopters on the border with mainland Ukraine did not come into the view of the Foreign Ministry, indicating the political short-sightedness of its management. Obviously, the higher Ukrainian leadership was informed about this situation, after which the relevant decisions were made.

According to the standard, the air defense troops make up the APU system of the state air defense and carry out certain tasks in cooperation with the Air Force, air defense troops of the Land Forces, the units and means of air defense Naval Forces and the State Border Service of Ukraine.

Photo: Internet