The "Crimean Court" prohibited the Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People Ilmi Umerov to disclose the investigation data, even when talking with his lawyers.

Sometimes it seems that Crimean courts and judges are reluctant to admit the Russian legislation. I even do not know whether to scold them for such a stance or praise ... The decision by the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation did not impress the judges in the Crimean Supreme Court and the Kiev District Court at a  today's hearing over llmi Umerov’s appeal. This decision by the Constitutional Court has clearly confirmed a ban to confiscate the accuseds’ pledge of secrecy of the investigation materials. This violates the right to protection, i.e. the investigator prohibits the accused to discuss his case even with a lawyer. This is nonsense. But the Crimean judges supported this nonsense! the lawyer Emil Kurbedinov wrote on Facebook.

Today, the so-called Supreme Court of the Crimea has considered three appeals by the Mejlis Deputy Chairman Ilmi Umerov seeking to stop criminal proceedings against him, rule the forced placement in a psychiatric hospital illegal, as well as to recognize illegality of the FSB actions who confiscated the Umerov’s pledge of secrecy, lawyer Emil Kurbedinov reported on Facebook.

For three weeks Ilmi Umerov has been illegally held in a psychiatric hospital in the city of Simferopol for compulsory examination. He was released on Wednesday, September, 7. Umerov claimed he would continue protecting his rights.