Ministry of Social Policy has launched a single fully fledged database of IDPs throughout Ukraine, according to the Minister of Social Policy Andrey Reva, as cited by Ukrainian News agency.

“It has been launched all over Ukraine,” Reva announced.

According to the minister, the base was set up October 3.

Earlier the Ministry of Social Policy has launched a unified information database of migrants only in Kiev to check for possible inaccuracies in its functioning before running across the state. Reportedly, the unified information database on internally displaced persons has operated in the test mode since August 1.

The unified database was created as part of the project "Comprehensive stabilization support for IDPs and affected population in Ukraine" with the financial support of the European Union.

As of September 26, Ministry of Social Policy has put on record 1.7 million internally displaced persons from the area of anti-terrorist operation (ATO) and the Russian-annexed Crimea.

Photo: Internet