In 2017, in the occupied Crimea, tariffs for utilities increased by 11%, according to the report by the press service of the so-called Ministry of Economic Development of Crimea.

“Utility services have risen in price the most, that is by almost 11%, which is due to a gradual increase in tariffs for housing and communal services,” said the "Minister of Economic Development of Crimea" Andrei Melnikov.

He further noted that the situation with prices in the occupied Russian region was "stable."

“The level of prices since the beginning of the year has increased by 1.8%. Food prices fell by 0.7%, non-food prices went up by 0.4%,” the official said.

The Crimean "State Committee on Prices and Tariffs" reported that since July 1, the growth of tariffs on the peninsula comprises more than 15% - for electricity and heat, 9% - for water, and 2% - for gas.

Earlier, the Russian company Tekhnopromexport filed a counterclaim in the court session on the case of recognizing the deal between the German concern Siemens and Russian Rostekh's structures as illegal for the supply of Siemens turbines to the annexed Crimea.