The "authorities" of the Russia-annexed Crimea presented veterans of the Second World War with five apartments in one of the new buildings in Sevastopol. Ten people got new housing of "economy-option", the source reported.

One-room apartments are divided in half with partitions. The rooms have two modifications: "half a room and a kitchen" and "half a room and a sanitary room". Crimean officials refused to comment on the situation and did not explain how the veterans should share the kitchen and the bathroom with each other.

The Sevastopol "Mayor" Dmitry Ovsyannikov delivered keys from the apartments to veterans on the May 9 eve.

Earlier QHA reported about another recent embarrassment of the Sevastopol invaders: They placed banners in the city with  Russian flag turned upside down and the contour map of Russian Federation without the occupied Ukrainian peninsula.

PHOTO: Iskra; the Internet