Another confirmation appeared proving that the Russian authorities brought the gas turbines of the German concern Siemens in the occupied Crimea in circumvention of the European Union sanctions.

The Project Manager of the "Maidan of Foreign Affairs" and Editor-in-chief of BlackSeaNews Andrei Klimenko stated:

“2 turbines and 2 generators for the Sevastopol thermal power station were delivered to Kamyshevaya Bay on June 27, 2017.”

“2 turbines and 2 generators allegedly for the Simferopol thermal power station were delivered to Feodosia on July 8, 2017."

“Why in Feodosia? - Because landslide has damaged the road from Sevastopol. The turbines were not from Taman - in both cases, the tug "Shkval" came out of the port of the Caucasus to the anchorage in the Sea of Azov in front of the Kerch Strait where received a barge-pontoon for the transportation of oversized heavy-weight cargo "Damen River Star 3", the project "Stan Pontoon 8916 Ice."

“It can transport cargo of up to 2.5 thousand tons, and its dimensions allow passage through the Volga-Don channel. The "Damen River Star 3" barge-pontoon belongs to Sovfracht, a major company of the Sovfracht-Sovmortrans group. Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Ivanov is a Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Board is Dmitry Yuryevich Purim, Executive Director is Nadezhda Aleksandrovna Reshetnev. The company is already included in the sanctions lists.”

The barges with turbines were photographed in Feodosia, and photo was found by employees of International intelligence community Informnapalm.

“The tug "Shkval" - MMSI: 273388420. The owner is Neva-Charter LLC. Photo of the tug available in bases are fake. This is actually a decent sized tug, not a small boat.”

Earlier, QHA reported that in late June, the occupants, despite the sanctions, had brought to Sevastopol two gas turbines, which they allegedly planned to purchase for the Russian thermal power plant "Taman".

In turn, the German company Siemens AG has denied information about the supply of turbines to Crimea. Later, Siemens created a special team to investigate this incident and announced a refusal to maintain turbines illegally brought to Crimea.

PHOTO: internet, facebook