Chernorechensk reservoir water level dropped by 29 million cubic meters, according to Aleksey Chainikov, the chief engineer of the Sevastopol state water utility enterprise "Vodokanal", as cited by Kryminform.

“As of today, the amount of water in Chernorechensk reservoir is almost 29 million tonnes. It’s hard to make any predictions about its replenishment, let's see what the precipitation level will be,” Chainikov said.

To compare, he said that in September 2015, the reservoir had half as much water as it has now.

The maximum volume of Chernorechensk reservoir is 64.2 million cubic meters.

September 6, the Director of the state water utility enterprise "Vodokanal" Nikolai Pereguda said that not only Sevastopol, but the whole Russian-occupied Crimea faced the water shortage.

Ukraine served up to 85% of the Crimean water needs due to the North Crimean Canal. Water supply in the Crimea stopped after Russian annexation of the peninsula.

The so-called ‘Ministry of Housing and Communal Services of Crimea’ continues preparatory works for the construction of Sokolinsky water reservoir and a water-supply canal to transfer a part of the Kokkozka river flow to the Chernorechenskoye reservoir to supply a military base in Sevastopol. The project customer is the administration of the annexed Sevastopol and the developer is "MosStroyKvadrat" LLC.

Photo: Internet