The wife of Crimean Tatar lawyer Edem Semedlyaev, Elvina, shared details of the attempt to penetrate into their home by employees of the tax service, Crimea.SOS reported.

According to Semedlyaeva, tax officials tried to enter the house without any warrant to carry out the relevant actions.

“I said that they have no right, and did not allow them. To my words, that they should have a warrant, they showed me some kind of order, but there was no date, the address was not correct.”

The tax officials refused to draw up a report and called the "police", to which Semedlyaev's wife responded by calling lawyers.

“I was alone at home, with four children. The children were very frightened.”

Earlier, June 5, taking advantage of the absence of Crimean Tatar lawyer Eden Semedlyaev, tax officials tried to penetrate into his house.
Previously QHA reported that the security forces of the Russian invaders earlier arrived for a search to the Crimean Tatar activist Riza Izetov.

PHOTO: Facebook Emil Kurbedinov