November 8, around 7:00 pm on the administrative border with the occupied Crimea at the Chaplinka checkpoint near Armyansk, Russian border guards detained Crimean Tatar wives and close ones of political prisoners  involved in the Hizb ut-Tahrir case - the so-called "Simferopol Five"-  as well as two other women, according to the lawyer Lily Gemedzhi.

Reportedly, among those detained were: Liana Bilyalova, Fera Abdullaeva, Guzal Salidinova, Alim Abdullaeva, Fatma Ismailova, Meriem Kuku, Zarina Dzepparova.

The women were detained at the Russian Armyansk-Chaplynka crossing point at the entrance from the mainland of Ukraine in the Crimea without any explanation.

Journalist Anton Naumlyuk reported on Facebook, that the women detained at the administrative border were interrogated one by one. They were asked about their husbands and relatives, what means their parents live on, whether the women were going to enter ISIS, the reasons they went to Kherson and whether they met there "with someone who could break the law." During the interrogation, two women got sick, and one fainted. Border guards said it was a "theatrical performance", an ambulance was called only in forty minutes.

According to the Russian legislation, law enforcement bodies have no right to detain people for more than three hours, however since the moment of detention they had been held at the border for more than 6 hours.

About 23.00, the lawyer Eden Sememlyaev was allowed to enter the territory of the checkpoint.

All women were released from the border checkpoint about 23:45, after which they were able to go home to the Crimea.

Reference: the Crimean Tatars Teimur Abdullayev, Uzeir Abdullayev, Emil Dzhemadenov, Rustem Ismailov and Aider Saledinov , arrested on October 12, 2016 in Simferopol in the so-called Hizb ut-Tahrir case, were charged under Art. 205.1 and 205.5 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation of organizing and participating in the activities of Hizb ut-Tahrir, an organization recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation.

PHOTO: Anton Naumlyuk