That is what Yarosh told in an interview with Liga Novosti.

“There could have been a provocation in Dragobrat. I am in no position to make any claims because I do not know what exactly happened there. I am on good terms with both Horvat and Bes. They acted like heroes in war and I know that for a fact. That is why I requested for them to be pardoned. And now my request is being considered by the court,” Yarosh said.

Yarosh also said that some ATO veterans can sometimes be ‘very unstable’.

“Ukraine is now facing a huge problem because there is no nationwide psychological rehabilitation program for ATO veterans. That is why some of them may become ‘very unstable’. The state is doing nothing to address this issue, and that applies both to volunteer battalions and the Armed Forces. If we were to compare crime statistics for Ukraine, we’d see that Armed Forces or National Guard soldiers are far more likely to commit offenses than volunteers. It’s that volunteers are always in the public eye and prejudiced against. However, I have always told my men and can say that again that war is no excuse. They should realize that they cannot do things that discredit the entire volunteer movement after returning from the frontline. It will never be the case of war being an ultimate excuse,” Yarosh said.