989 people died of cholera in 20 Yemen provinces since April 27, AA reports, citing the World Health Organization (WHO) data.

“More than 140 thousand cases of cholera infection was recorded in the country. The epidemic is rapidly spreading in the provinces of Sana’a, Hudaydah, Amran and Hajjah", according to WHO statistics.

The death rate in the country, ravaged by civil war, has reached the level when one person dies from cholera every hour.

According to WHO, since resurgence of cholera in Yemen on April 27, the total number of infected people was 140,000, half of them were women. Over 16 thousand of sick persons are children under the age of five.

More than half of the cases were recorded in the provinces of Amanat Al-Azimah, Hajjah, Amran and Al Hudaudah.

The Ministry of Health of Yemen called on international humanitarian organizations to help the country in fighting with epidemic in order to avoid "an unprecedented disaster," Reuters reported.

The healthcare system in the country has been severely damaged due to the armed conflict that has been going on for several years, according to Saba, Yemen news agency.

Source: AA