Member of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Gayana Yuksel spoke at a press conference "Three years of the occupation of Crimea: Debunking the myth of Russian propaganda about "unshed "blood" held in Kyiv.

“Russian media use a large number of myths, both political and cultural. These myths serve as trends and further used in the international information space.

For example, the myth that the occupation of the Crimea was bloodless. It is not true.

The first victim of the "bloodless" occupation was Reshat Ametov. Even before the arrival of the Russian Federation, he held individual protests and hunger strikes to express his position. It was natural for him to express his opinion in this way. The occupation authorities have all the evidence and necessary base to close this case. But it is now allegedly suspended.

Another victim of the invaders was Sergei Kokurin, killed March 18 during the assault against his unit in Simferopol.

Activists Ivan Bondarets, Vladislav Vashchuk, Vasyl Chernysh suffered as well, and a 16-year-old Mark Ivanyuk was beaten to death,” Gayana Yuksel said.

She stressed that lawlessness continues in Crimea to this day, the Crimean "authorities" systematically carry out repression policy against the Crimean Tatars and everyone who does not agree with the occupation.

“Today, they came with a search warrant to the veteran of the National Movement. Two lawyers were detained as well. Yesterday lawyer Nikolai Polozov was arrested. Thus they are trying to neutralize all dissenters. Methods and measures are improved each time. The predicted repression is now gaining new momentum,” a member of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people said.”