The Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People jointly with public and cultural figures and activists have arranged a number of activities to the Day of the Crimean Tatar National Flag. It is planned to hold celebrations not only in Ukraine, but in occupied Crimea as well, a member of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People Gayana Yuksel told a press conference to the National Flag Day.

The main events will be held in Kiev. The chief of them – carrying of the Crimean Tatar national flag in a parade is due to be held in the main street of the capital - Khreshchatyk.

- This is not the first flag of such gigantic proportions. In this case, we are again receiving assistance from the Crimean Tatar Diaspora in Ankara. This time, the flag will be unusual, it will be different. It will be a single cloth composed of several Crimean Tatar flags, said Gayana Yuksel.

June, 26 Kiev is to host a children's drawing contest, rally and a concert by a Crimean Tatar artist Femiya Mustafayev. All activities will be finished with one rally on European Square, which is to start around 7.30 p.m.

On the initiative of several youth organizations, Crimea will host a flashmob, photo contest, intellectual game and a thematic exhibition.

- We hope that these activities won’t be disrupted as it was last year, said the Mejlis member.

It is also planned to finish the celebrations in Crimea with a joint Iftar, due to be held in one of the mosques in the city of Simferopol.

The Day of the Crimean Tatar National Flag is celebrated on June, 26.