Sanitary doctor of occupied Yalta Vitaly Zadorozhny adopted a resolution prohibiting visiting all beaches in the city. Visitors to the beaches complained about the infections that they got in the seawater.

The decree banning bathing came into force on August 15. The reason for such actions was "a spot of floating substances uncommon for sea water." The size of this spot is 100 to 150 meters.

According to local residents, because of the rain, all waste flows down into the sea. Besides, the city sewer does not withstand the amount of waste from the local population, and the waste cannot be dissolved quickly by the sea.

And when the water warms up, the coastline turns into a "fecal broth that is crawling with infection", people say.

QHA reported that the beaches of Alushta were flooded with sewage. According to eyewitnesses, the sewage of the whole city is merging into the beach.

Earlier, blogger Aleksandr Gorny found out that in the occupied Crimea, beaches of Koktebel Bay were flooded with sewage. According to him, the bay is experiencing a real ecological catastrophe. Gorny noted that once this place was one of the pearls of the Crimea and now it turned into a fetid bog.

Source: Dialog