(QHA) -

Bakhchisaray Historical Cultural Preserve faces financial difficulties amid the failure of tourist season in Crimea. All the incomes are spent to internal necessities.

Director General of the preserve Elmira Ablyalimova said this to QHA news agency.

“We are in difficult financial situation, we are on self-repayment. All that we earn, we spend to salaries, utilities. Still, despite of the failure tourist season, we discharge our obligations to open exhibitions”- she stressed.

According to Ablyalimova, only 40 percent of tourists visited the Bakhchisaray Preserve, as compared with the previous years.

“We’ll see. But the season, of course, is bad. Logistics is bad. Tourists came to Crimea, mostly by train [from mainland Ukraine,- ed.]. The three-in-one ticket that provides the trip from Anapa to Kerch, then Port Kavkas and than the bus is good, but not comfortable for passengers with children. The logistics complicates the situation”- she said.

Ablyalimova also noted, that amid the current situation, the preserve counts on internal tourists.