Museum-Reserve "Chersonese Taurian" in the Russian-occupied Crimea will lose the status of a monument of world importance, if the premises are transferred to the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), according to the information provided at the presidium of the Russian Committee of the International Council of Museums.

In this case, the RF Ministry expressed concerns that the activities of the ROC on annexation of the historical monuments of Crimea "will damage the credibility of Russia in the international arena."

“This will inevitably result in inability of the National Museum to perform its functions and provide access to the cultural heritage. The decision to transfer the property of the museum-reserve "Chersonese" to the Russian Orthodox Church will lead to the possibility of including the Museum in the list of "endangered objects" or even to its exclusion from the World Heritage List. Given the international situation, such a development would be a serious blow to the credibility of the Russian Federation in the international arena,” the invaders department reported.

Earlier QHA reported that the Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church in the occupied Simferopol submitted an application to the Federal Agency for Management of State Property of Russia on transfer control of 24 objects of the Chersonesos museum-reserve.
According to Director of the museum Svetlana Melnikova, the Diocese sent the application in November 2016, and if it is granted, the activities of the museum complex will become impossible since it will be deprived of almost the entire property.
Photo: Internet