From February to March 2018, 231 foreigners illegally visited the Crimea, which was occupied by Russia.

Among the illegal visitors of the annexed peninsula the citizens of Germany are most of all. In four months 34 German "tourist" were recorded in the Crimea.

So, in February a "delegation" of the party Alternative for Germany (AdG) illegally arrived on the peninsula. In March, the same "delegation" was spotted as "international observers" in the illegal presidential elections in the Crimea and at the so-called "Yalta International Economic Forum".

The second country, in the number of illegal "tourists" to the occupied Crimea is Italy, visits of 25 citizens of Italy were recorded on the peninsula. The top three of the "leaders" to visit the Crimea is completed with Syria, from which, 20 "tourists" were recorded in the Crimea over 4 months.

QHA reported that the invaders reported on the number of tourists in the Crimea. The occupied peninsula has allegedly been visited by 1.5 million people since the beginning of the year. The Kremlin-controlled Chairman of the Committee of the State Council of Crimea on the resort and tourism complex Aleksei Chernyak said that the annexed peninsula was allegedly visited by 26.5% more people than last year.

Source: BSNews