According to the so-called "Ministry of resorts and tourism" of Crimea, the cost of a weekly tour to the Crimea for two persons, which includes accommodation in a standard hotel room with breakfast, costs more than 34.7 thousand Russian rubles, plus 30 thousand rubles for an air ticket from Moscow and  the same amount for a return ticket. In addition, 2 thousand rubles for the transfer "airport - hotel - airport", which in total amounts to almost 67 thousand rubles.

In contrast, a one-week package tour to Turkey on an all-inclusive basis for two persons with an air flight from Moscow and back, and a transfer will cost about 40,000 Russian rubles.

“The tourism business of Turkey has now directed all its potential and information policy to fix information about cheap but high quality rest in the tourists’ minds. But it is different with us,” the pro-Russian department found an explanation.

Earlier, the Russian government allowed an experiment of the self-proclaimed "authorities" of the Crimea to collect a resort fee of up to 100 rubles for every day of staying in the occupied peninsula.

PHOTO: Internet