Oppression of small businesses in the occupied Crimea led to a sharp reduction in tourist flows, according to the Crimean Tatar public figure, the Head of the Crimean organization UKROP, Erfan Kudusov.

He noted that overg the years of annexation in Crimea, control and reporting for small businesses have changed. High fines threaten the closure of many businesses. According to Kudusov, if the owner of the business is a Crimean Tatar, the Russian Federation does not even come up with reasons for pressure, as nationality is quite enough.

The invaders said that in 2017, 5.4 million tourists came to the Crimea to rest, but according to experts, the real number of holidaymakers did not exceed 1.5 million people.

“The oppression of small businesses, the disruption of transport links with Ukraine, international sanctions and the police regime led to a sharp reduction in tourist flows. The Russian authorities are trying to heal the breach in the best Soviet traditions, handing out privileged permits to state employees, and even forcibly driving public servants in sanatoriums," the expert said.

He went on saying that the service industry on the annexed peninsula - cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops and guides – is in the poor condition currently.

QHA reported that during the four years of the annexation of the Crimea the tourist flow to the occupied peninsula has decreased 3 times. After the occupation, tourists with low incomes began to travel to the Crimea in comparison with 2000-2013, when tourists from the Russian Federation with middle and high incomes came to peninsula. This resulted in several times decrease in the income level of the population during the holiday season.