"Authorities" of the occupied Yevpatoria decided to improve the beach areas at the entrance to the city.

In fact, the invaders decided to destroy the "wild" beaches, the concept and authentity of which are very appreciated and popular among locals and tourists.

"I really want the improvement to be made there, made in the same style, without "surprises" in the form of incomprehensible tents, buildings of all colors of the rainbow and other not quite aesthetic infrastructure. The beaches were "wild" for a long time. Now the situation has changed. Users of beach areas should make recreation civilized, but at the same time observe a style unity,” said the so-called head of the administration of Yevpatoria Andrei Filonov.

On the beaches, they plan to install public toilets and a number of other structures made "in the same style."

Earlier QHA reported that 150-year-old Red Book cypresses have been cut in the Crimea.

Source: KIA