A deputy of the Leningrad Region Legislative Assembly Vladimir Petrov offered the Russian Federal Agency for Tourism to impose levies for Russians who travel abroad. Petrov believes that it "will help to support the domestic tourism market", to which he included the occupied Crimea.

According to the deputy of the Regional Legislative Assembly, the size of the exit fee should be determined depending on the country where a resident of Russia has bought a tour, but it cannot exceed one hundred rubles a day.

Petrov proposes to invest the revenues from the levies imposed to the development of the infrastructure of Kuban, Rostov-on-Don, the Caucasus and other tourist destinations of Russia. The occupied Crimea, that tourists visit less and less during the years of annexation, is included in this list also.

Earlier QHA reported that the occupied Crimea from the TOP-20 leaders of the most popular tourist requests in the Russian segment of the Google search engine had fallen to the 14th place in 2017.

PHOTO: Internet