Tour operators of the Russian Federation and the occupied peninsula recognized that interest in resting at Crimean resorts has declined appreciably.

In particular, demand for tours in the May holidays fell by 50%, and in some places - by 60%. Experts attribute this to the acute rise in prices in the Crimea.

According to Russian media reports, prices for accommodation in Crimean hotels rose by an average of 10-15%, but some facilities that were in demand last season raised the price by 30%.

“Tourists also complain: it's very difficult to book a room in "proven" accommodation facilities - almost everywhere they answer that everything is booked till September inclusive. But experienced travelers suspect that this is just a trick: hoteliers hold places to understand the further formation of the market, to set a profitable price," the source says.

The occupation authorities recognized that tourists are deterred not only by today's price level, but also by the dynamics of its growth.

“Prices and salaries have been brought in line with Russian realities. Not only retail prices increased, but also the costs of the Crimean hoteliers. Therefore, over two years Crimea has risen in price by 50%, and this fact is difficult for many tourists to accept,” the collaborators say.

Earlier, QHA reported that the occupiers recognized the failure of tourism in the Crimea.

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