The Russian Federation found a "worthy" replacement of the Egyptian and Turkish resorts - Syria. Russian tourist company plans to expand the sale of tours to Syria with the possibility of a trip to the front line, according to Novaya Gazeta citing Anatoly Aronov, the President of the First Patent Company.

Businessman identified three advantages of these tours: the presence of Russians in Syria due to a military campaign, a large number of Syrians speaking Russian, as well as Syria's willingness to take the Russians.

- This product will be relevant in six months. We do not need a lot of wishing, 20-30 people a month will be enough. People get on the plane, fly to Damascus, settled in a hotel and I'm calling the Syrian, who has a car, and he shows them different tourist attraction. People are interested to see how the history is being made in front of their own eyes, enterprising Aronov commented on a business project.