In Russia on April 18, the plane could not fly from Moscow to the occupied Crimea because of the attack of bees. The reason for cancelling the flight was the fact is that a container with bees was damaged during the loading into the cargo bay of the Russian airplane Boeing 737. The insects began to penetrate into the passenger section of the liner.

The emergency services reported that the passengers were evacuated. They were to depart with another flight.

The plane was supposed to fly from Vnukovo airport to occupied Simferopol.

“During the loading the container was damaged and the bees began to penetrate into the passenger compartment of the Boeing 737 aircraft, which was about to depart from Vnukovo to Simferopol. It was decided to evacuate passengers,” the representative of emergency services said.

Earlier, in Russia, at the airport "Yakutsk" on takeoff, the cargo hatch was ripped off from the plane An-12 and 9 tons of gold fell out of the plane. An-12 landed almost immediately after take-off at the airport of Magan settlement 12 kilometers from Yakutsk.

The plane was transporting gold bars worth 21 billion 600 million rubles.

Source: Interfax