Ministry of Culture plans to compensate money for every tourist the travel agencies send to the routes that are of top-priority for Russia. The draft decree by the Russian government has been submitted for approval.

In 2016, it was planned to allocate 750 million rubles in order to get this project implemented.

So far, in the next three years it is planned to earmark two billion Russian rubles annually. In addition to Russia- annexed Crimea, the next resorts have been put on a list of subsidized routes: Caucasus, Sochi, Arkhyz, Dombay, Baikal, Altai, Kamchatka and Kaliningrad region. It also applies to seven interregional routes promoted by the Russia’s Ministry of Culture: "Golden Ring," "Silver Necklace", "Russian manor", "Great Silk Road", "The Great Tea Road", "Trans-Siberian" and "Eastern Ring."

It is planned to allocate from 1 to 2 thousand rubles for each tourist. In order to get subsidies the tour operator should send to the specified route a certain minimum number of people. For Kamchatka this minimum constitutes 50 tourists, for Crimea and Sochi - from 500 people.

Photo: Internet