About 66% of respondents in the popular Russian social network Odnoklassniki (Classmates) spoke against the tourist tax in the Crimea. Users are convinced that their money will be still embezzled.

At least 18% of respondents stated they would choose other places for recreation, not to pay resort tax. And only 10% of Russian citizens are ready to honestly give money to the Crimean budget.

Earlier, one of the promoters of the initiative, the "deputy" of the State Duma of Russian Federation from the occupied Crimea Konstantin Bakharev said that the funds collected as resort tax will be spent for the development of the tourist infrastructure of the peninsula. In his opinion, this should attract tourists to the Crimea.

Reference: The resort fee was introduced in the Crimea as an experiment for three years. It will be collected in the Russian-occupied Crimea and in Altai, Krasnodar and Stavropol regions of Russia. Vacationers over 18 years will have to pay about 100 rubles per person per day. In the first year, the tax will be lower - 50 rubles.

PHOTO: Internet