Press Secretary of the Azov-Black Sea Department of the State Border Service of  Ukraine Maksim Soroka in a comment to QHA correspondent explained that the day before, the Ukrainian border guards had observed the work of pro-Russian media directly near the administrative line from the side of the Crimean.

“The Russian operator approached the barrier, and from there he shooted the territory of the Ukrainian checkpoint "Chongar" and cars that were waiting for entry to the Crimea from the mainland of Ukraine. In addition, it was at the time of shooting that the Ukrainian border guards recorded a significant increase in the traffic flow from 7 to 20 vehicles, from the annexed part of the Chongar checkpoint, a territory temporarily controlled by the Russian Federation,” Soroka explained.
In his opinion, the actions of Russian journalists indicate the creation of a subjective plot for a fake image of the increasing tourist flow of Russians who want to get to the annexed Crimea from the mainland Ukraine.
Also, journalists’ shooting can be used to demonstrate alleged incompetence and slowness of Ukrainian control services on the border with the Crimea.
“Regarding the imitation of an increase in the flow of tourists seeking to get the peninsula, I can say that the number of people wishing to go to Crimea from the mainland of Ukraine decreases every day compared to last year. Only in June 2017 the number of citizens who crossed the administrative border in both directions decreased by 37 thousand in comparison with the corresponding last year period, and the number of vehicles - by 10 thousand," Maksim Soroka said.
Reference: In the territory of Kherson region on the administrative border with the Crimea there are three control points of entry and exit - "Chaplyanka" and "Kalanchak" (Kalanchak district) and "Chongar" (Genichesky district).
Eduard Solodovnik
PHOTO: Internet