Over the four years of the annexation of the Crimea, the tourist flow to the occupied peninsula has reduced 3 times, according to the report of the charity fund Maidan of Foreign Affairs (Maydan zakordonnih sprav) entitled "The Gray Zone. Crimean peninsula: four years of occupation".

“After the occupation of the Crimea, the flow of Ukrainian tourists and tourists from the "far abroad" has almost completely disappeared. Crimea turned into a resort only for Russian tourists. At the same time, the quality composition of tourists from the Russian Federation has also undergone changes," the report says.

The report noted that after the occupation, tourists with low incomes began to travel in the Crimea compared to 2000-2013, when tourists from the Russian Federation with medium and high incomes came to the Crimean resorts.

“Even the Crimean tourist officials believe that high taxes on land and property force hoteliers, especially mini-hotels, to curtail business - in four years the amount of payments to the budget grew tenfold,” the report says.

This led to a decrease in the employment of the population of the Crimea in servicing tourists and, hence, a severalfold decrease in the income level of the population from the holiday season.

“In combination with these problems, the reduction of the tourist flow to the Crimea after the occupation approximately 2-3 times makes the investment attractiveness of the Crimean resorts even for investors from the RF extremely low,” the fund noted.

Earlier, the invaders said that in the past year, 500 thousand foreign tourists visited the annexed Crimea. The so-called ministry of resorts and tourism in Crimea said that the peninsula was among the top three popular places for foreigners in Russia and outnumbered visitors from Tatarstan and the Moscow region.