The flow of tourists from Poland to Ukraine is growing, however, Polish tourists do not go to the occupied Crimea. The corresponding statement was made by Consul of the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Odesa Andrzej Schmidke, who took part in the opening ceremony of regular flights Kherson - Lublin - Kherson.

“The Consulate noted an increase in the number of tourists from Poland to Ukraine, they are coming more and more. The Odesa consular district include Odesa, Mykolayiv, and Kherson. Plus we embrace the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, where the Poles will not go in these conditions [annexation of the Crimea by Russia],” he said.

Consul went on saying that now in Ukraine, the largest number of Polish tourists is recorded.

Earlier the information emerged that 44 thousand tourists came to rest in Yalta, occupied by Russia, from the beginning of 2018. These figures contradict the information of the head of the Crimean collaborators Sergei Aksenov who spoke about one million tourists in the Crimea, of which more than half are in the South Bank.

Source: Ukrinform