Over four years, 5000 houses were destroyed because of shelling in the Donbas, director of the Kharkiv Human Rights Group Yevgeny Zakharov stated at the press conference.

Human rights defenders working in the conflict zone document the known facts of private houses destruction as well as damaging high-rise buildings, infrastructure facilities, including schools, hospitals and bridges.

“The total number of casualties and destruction in the Donbas should be called exactly. Today, investigations of such facts are very poorly conducted and, eventually, do not produce any results," Zakharov stressed.

At the same time, activists are aware of the problems with recording the destruction of private houses in the "gray zone", where it is difficult to get for human rights defenders and journalists. Therefore, people affected by shelling cannot receive financial compensation.

“We had a case In our practice of a person who wanted to receive compensation from the state for a destroyed house. But he did not have evidence of possession apart from photographs, and the European court refused him,” the human rights activist said.

The database of public organizations involved in recording the destruction, includes photographs of all the claimed 5.000 objects, but human rights defenders recommend that people seeking compensation receive official confirmation of ownership.

PHOTO: Getty Images