The Russian Federation in 2014 used its powerful armored vehicles T-90A tanks in the East of Ukraine, Bellingcat reported following the results of its own investigation.

This equipment is easy to identify by the typical "glowing eyes" - the electro-optical interference emitters of the Shtora-1 active protection system, intended to disrupt the guidance systems of anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs).

Experts state that the first serial modifications of the T-90A were released in 1992, and such equipment was not supplied to Ukraine.

These tanks were first noticed during the battles for Ilovaisk in August 2014, according to experts. Later, the equipment was noticed in 3 different areas of the ORDLO, in particular, at the Luhansk airport.

Earlier, in February 2016, Russian media reported that government troops Bashar Assad in Syria started using the Russian T-90 tanks.

Allegedly, the army of the Assad regime with the support of Russian aviation approached the Turkish border and took control of the cities of Nubul and Zehra with the help of 80 tanks of the specified model. At the same time, Turkey called the border cities of Azaz and Dzherbalus, located close to the military operations, a "red line" and warned that "it will open fire on any militant group that would attempt crossing it."

PHOTO: Bellingcat