The frigates of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, Admiral Grigorovich and Admiral Essen, as well as the patrol ships Pytlivy and Smetlivy, conducted exercises in the Mediterranean Sea near the shores of Syria, reflecting the air attack of the conventional enemy, according to the reports of the Black Sea Fleet press service on April 27.

“Crews of frigates and patrol ships as part of the ship's strike group carry out naval combat exercises to repel an assault of air attacks by a conditional enemy. The ships performed the setting of the false target by a complex of passive jamming, then, using target designation data from guide stations and complexes, artillery firing from rapid-fire cannons and anti-aircraft missile systems repulsed the assault of air attacks by the conventional enemy," the reported said.

The invaders fired the complexes of anti-submarine weapons RSB-6000.

Earlier Russian crews of the ships of the Crimean naval base conducted drills on the to work out the complex of exercises on setting minefields and combating mine hazards. In total, five ships of the Russian fleet were involved in the exercises.