Mariupol archaeologists confirmed that a find of the locals is really of particular historical interest. The bones of a mammoth or southern elephant were found by two women as they walked along the coast. They informed about the discovery and the archaeologists arrived at the scene. The latter confirmed that the discovered hollow tubular bones may actually belong to the mammoth, and dense bone fragment may be a part of its tusk. To confirm the version and specify the type of prehistoric animal, bone fragments were sent for examination to Kiev.

At the moment, the bones, which are a few million years old, remain in Mariupol museum. Location of the finding is not disclosed to protect it from looters and black archeologists. And in the spring, large-scale excavations are planned on the site by the professional archaeologists with students-historians of the Mariupol Humanitarian University. The experts suggest that the whole skeleton of the animal may be found at the site.

PHOTO: Mariupol Local History Museum