Harjit Sajjan, Minister of National Defence of Canada informed that Canada was looking for ways to expand its military assistance to Ukraine.

"We are constantly looking for ways to improve Ukraine's support at this difficult time, provoked by Russia's aggression," Sajjan stated.

According to him, opening Ukraine's access to the Canadian arms market has become one of the stages of cooperation.

“I do not stop interacting with Minister Poltorak. The introduction of Ukraine to the list of the countries authorized for automatic weapon shipments has become only one part. Our departments are working now on further steps to provide possible support," Canadian Defense Minister noted.

He promised to "move forward on this issue".

"Permission to sell weapons is only one of the steps necessary to provide Ukraine with the opportunities needed," Sajjan summed up.

As reported, this month, Canada has announced the inclusion of Ukraine in the list of countries allowed for the supply of automatic weapons. This step removes the armed embargo, which de facto acted against Ukraine since 1991.

QHA reported earlier, that the Government of Canada authorized the transfer of lethal weapons to Ukraine, "Javelin" anti-tank complexes in particular.