The militants of terrorist groups captured in the Donbas can be considered as prisoners of war according to international humanitarian law, the Minister for Temporary Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons (MTOT) Vadym Chernysh stated.  

“Our guys are now, in fact, in captivity, and we as a Ukrainian state regard them as prisoners of war. Accordingly, the so-called militants, certain people who are now fighting against the state of Ukraine and representing the occupying power, can be regarded - and we already had several questions from international partners - as well as prisoners of war," he said. 

Chernysh said that the Ministry of the Temporary Occupied Territories should decide what status to give to the militants, according to the specificities of international humanitarian law. 

QHA reported that on December 27, the first  and the most extensive exchange of prisoners took place over the past two years in the Donbas. Seventy three hostages were returned to the Ukraine-controlled territory, among them 16 Ukrainians who were held in captivity by militants of the terrorist group of so-called Luhansk People`s Republic, and 57 – as hostages in the occupied territory of the Donetsk region. 

Source: Interfax-Ukraine