The number of cases of alcohol and drug consumption has significantly increased in the units of the pro-Russian militants of Donbas, in connection with the payment of "wages", according to the press service of the Directorate General of Intelligence of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

The number of crimes committed by terrorists has increased as well.

So, on Saturday, April 29, two militants in a state of drug intoxication, threatening weapons, jacked a car from a local resident. Later they got into a traffic accident.

On the same day, three servicemen of the same unit, in a state of drug intoxication, had an argument with militants of a neighboring detachment with a use of  weapons.

And on April 30, the terrorist from Makiivka left the front line under the influence of narcotic substances. On the same day, another militant died from an overdose.

Previously, in early April, the Russian command of terrorists tried to take control of the situation with the consumption of alcohol and drugs in ORDLO, sending a medical commission to the Donbas to identify alcohol and drug dependent Russian officers and militants.

PHOTO: Internet​