In the area of the Anti-Terror Operation in the east of Ukraine, the activation of Russian occupation forces has been observed for the last three days, Dmytro Tymchuk, Head of the Military-Political Studies Center, wrote on his Facebook page, referring to the data of the "Information Resistance" group.

“Over the past 3 days, an increase in the activity of Russian occupation forces in the Donbas is observed, including areas where the enemy had not been particularly active before. Specifically, the activation of the Stakhanov occupants group in the area of the Svitlodarsk arc, in the Popasna area, near the "Bakhmut highway" - almost all along the perimeter of its contact line with the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” he wrote.

Tymchuk went on saying that the situation remains tense at the "old" hot spots - the entire western and northwestern part of the Donetsk direction, in the Horlivka area, in the Prymors’ke direction, in the Novotoshkivka area - in the Kryms’ke - Sokil’nyky area.

Militants are equipping several strongholds in the south-west of Styla, which is carried out in accordance with the all the requirements, including trenches, dugouts, shelters, caponiers.

According to the message the occupation forces continue to conduct active reconnaissance activities.

“The enemy intensified the reconnaissance of the Ukrainian Armed Forces combat formations with the help of “unmanned aerial vehicles”, also the activation of the enemy's “commando groups” is observed in the vicinity of Slov’yanoserbs’k, Donetsk and Shyrokyne localities, as well as the work of the mobile radio electronic reconnaissance groups of the Russia Armed Forces in the vicinity of the Sentianivka and Pryshyb localities of the Luhansk region. In the area of Shyshkovo and Krasnyi Lyman localities of the Luhansk region, the work of two Russian disguised automated interference stations was recorded (this model was adopted by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in 2008 and was never part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine).”

Reference: 23 cases of ceasefire violations by militants were recorded over the 24 hours of November 14 th, two Ukrainian servicemen were wounded as a result. Terrorist organizations, in particular, shelled the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces using mortars and rocket artillery.