The Ukrainian military conducted the first testing of the American anti-tank missile systems Javelin, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko informed on his Facebook page on May 22.

"At last this day has come! For the first time in Ukraine tests of the anti-tank missile system Javelin were conducted,” he noted.

According to Poroshenko, on May 22, not only American weapons, but also Ukrainian ones were tested, in particular the Stugna anti-tank missile complex.

The President further noted that these weapons are of a defensive nature and will be used in the event of Russia's attack on the positions of Ukrainian troops.

Earlier QHA reported that Ukraine plans to purchase 210 antitank missiles Javelin and portable launch complexes from the US, the cost of which will be 47 million dollars.

Since May 2, practical preparation has begun of crews of the anti-tank complexes Javelin in the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU).