Ukraine is ready to give back 306 people in exchange for 74 captured Ukrainians by the ORDLO militants.

According to Iryna Herashchenko, Ukrainian representative in the humanitarian subgroup of the Trilateral Contact Group on Donbas, a number of uncoordinated issues were on the agenda.

“Within the framework of the Minsk humanitarian group, we managed to solve most of such issues as: the verification of those who do not want to move inside the occupied territories, those who have already served a sentence (the period has expired on days when technical work was already underway for preparing the release), and many others,” Herashchenko stated on her Facebook page.

Herashchenko noted that Kyiv authorities are ready to transfer 306 citizens (where Ukrainian legislation allows it) in order to release 74 Ukrainians from the occupied territories in the near future.

According to her, during the last month the SBU, Prosecutor General of Ukraine, the Minsk Humanitarian Group, the Presidential Administration, the Penitentiary Service, the Lutkovska Ombudsman, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Guard and the Ministry of Justice have done a tremendous job in order to get ready for release.

“The issue of the release of the hostages is key to the Norman format and it was discussed, in particular, during the phone conversations of German Chancellor Angela Merkel with President Poroshenko, and German Chancellor with the Russian president. President Poroshenko personally coordinated all the work of all our relevant departments so that everything would not fail. And I am grateful to all those involved,” She informed.

Earlier, Aleksander Zakharchenko, the leader of the self-proclaimed "DPR" fighters, named the date of the exchange of prisoners.

In particular, according to the terrorist leader, the exchange will take place on December 27.

Reportedly, Iryna Herashchenko, while in the US, discussed with representatives of the State Department and the Ministry of Defense of the United States of America the issue of the release of hostages and political prisoners of the Kremlin, as well as violation of human rights in the occupied territories of Ukraine.