Ukraine will need about 40 years to clear the Donbas of mines, the President of the International Anti-Terrorist Agency Oleksandr Dichek stated at a press conference.

As of today the area of the territory, which is subject to demining, is 7 thousand square km.

"This is a large territory, which will be demined for at least 40 years, since, according to the UN, the year of war corresponds to 10 years of mine clearance," Dichek specified.

The expert further notes that Ukraine is not the only state that has faced this problem, and it is even on the list of countries with the most complex specifics of this problem.

"In Croatia, mine clearance has been going on for 19 years, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Azerbaijan, has been conducting it for 17 consecutive years," Dichek notes.

The approximate cost of humanitarian demining, according to the UN, is $ 500-600 million, which the country must find itself or appeal to foreign donors. At the same time, reality shows that the states entrusting this procedure to non-governmental organizations receive more financing, especially since foreign investors are unlikely to seek dealing with state structures because of corruption in Ukraine.

Reportedly, the United States intends to allocate $ 6 million to Ukraine for the demining of Donbas.