Yuri Ilyin, Chief of the General Staff of the times of Yanukovych’s presidency in Ukraine, was inducing the military in the Crimea to the treason against the state. Former commander of the Ukrainian Navy, former acting Minister of Defense Ihor Tenyukh made a corresponding statement during the interrogation of the court as one of the witnesses in the case of high treason.

According to him, Ilyin made three attempts to persuade Goncharenko, the Chief of the Naval Academy, to commit treason.

“Ilyin then thrice induced the Head of the Academy of Naval Forces Goncharenko to betray, to make him take the side of Russia. It is official. It was on the tenth days of month. I stand by what I said," Tenyukh stressed.

He went on saying that the Ukrainian army was put on alert as early as February 20, 2014, but Ilyin canceled the order the same evening. After the entry of Tenyukh on the post of acting Minister of Defense, the army was alerted only on February 27.

Earlier QHA reported that it became known how many Russian soldiers seized the Crimea.